Lentil vase, orange

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Lentil vase, orange

An example of the bold color combination of pastel tones is the new collection of LENTILL vases. A range of color combinations of Moser's crystal that goes from one color to another. Vase-object, referring to the pop-art of Andy Warhol, shaped chubby figure photographed by Jan Saudek. It can also seem as your favorite candy. Available in red-violet, orange or greenish colour.

The vases are designed by František Jungvirt, student of the glass studio at the UMPRUM, School of art, architecture and design in Prague. He is particularly interested in painting on glass, so another of his collections and objects are mostly hand-painted. These vases are created in cooperation with Moser Glassworks from Karlovy Vary, which is famous for its beautiful tinted glass, which is not common for other glassworks.

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