Sklony is a selling exhibition of selected works of students and graduates from the Glass Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, which is taking place at the Glassimo Gallery from 9 July to 9 September 2015.





None of the exhibitors can conceal their craft and inclination to work creatively and distinctively with such a unique material as glass. The uniqueness and potential offered by working with glass are very distinctively approached and fulfilled in the hands of these young artists. The exhibited items are deeply influenced by combinations of various creative principles, methods and inspiration sources. The connecting line between them is the affection of their authors for glass, the resulting shapes of which are articulated and modulated by them in different ways so that their works speak for themselves in an original language.





Led by the academic sculptor Rony Plesl assisted by MgA. Klára Horáčková, the Glass Studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design follows the tradition begun by Professors Kaplický, Libenský and Kopecký. What has currently been very symptomatic of the studio is the intentional destruction of the stereotypes connected with glass as well as the ease, creativity and precise workmanship. These central ideas and methods are also reflected in the items at the Sklony exhibition.





The Glassimo Gallery presents and exhibits works of not only renowned but also beginning artists whom it provides with room for their presentation. The Inclinations exhibition is the first of a number of planned exhibition projects focusing on contemporary young glassmaking artists.


author: Alena Štěrbová


Barbora Štefánková, Eliška Motlová, Hana Famfulíková, Helena Todd, Kristýna Venturová , Lenka Němcová, Jana Němcová, Lenka Husárková, Lukáš Houdek, Michaela Doležalová, Sebastian Kitzberger, Eduard Siebert, Pavel Liška, Vendulka Prchalová ( PR.VE ), Magdaléna Vojteková, Veronika Hanke, Ivan Pokorný, Pavel Výtisk, Alena Hájková, Klára Horáčková