Long-term-value is  exhibition of not only contemporary jewelry in progress in the period from 26.11. to 1.26 gallery Glassimo ( Elišky Krásnohorské 3 , Prague 1)


At first glance it might seem that the exhibition itself is a sort of motley scrum seemingly unrelated subjects. The opposite is true - jewelry, furniture , paintings and installation itself connects just search topic imaginary carriers of lasting value in the modern world .


Each of the authors of this theme that connects the past and the present with reference to an imaginary future , fulfills a different way , and so the exhibition offers a wide variety of perspectives on the question : ' What is or may become a symbol of lasting value ? ' The very concept of the exhibition presents visitors with this question. Recycling and expensive materials , though standing at opposite ends of the spectrum , are then actually on one dish imaginary scales compared to be trendy and fashionable , which are involved in all artistic disciplines ... The viewer itself is to evaluate what is for him the fulfillment phrase lasting value . Installation is intentionally largely composed of books , which were designed by Prague municipal libraries disposal - the way to the incinerator. The book as a medium to store information in this case is a kind of imaginary carrier issues fulfilling the term ' permanent value ' .



 Pictures: Helena Todd – rings Snap, Alena Hájková – Mirrors in your hands, Milan Nováček (Nomio) – ECHO kolection, Lucie Houdková – bracelet Root


Anton Vadovič (aka Echtkovář), Lucie Houdková, Tereza Čermáková, Milan Nováček (aka Nomio), Jana Jahodová, Kryštof Strejc, Helena Todd, Lucie Zemanová, Tomáš Procházka, Dorota Branna, Lenka Šváchová (aka 27jewelry), 2D3D, Paletky, Prousek exklusive lightning



Pictures: Tomáš Procházka – necklace and bracelet, Milan Nováček – earings Currant, Tereza Čermáková – ring Nucleus

Instalation design:

Vendulka Prchalová (aka PR.VE)


Anna Pleslová 


Anna Eichlerová


Special thanks:

Městská knihovna v Praze, Prousek Exclusive Lihtning